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Principal's Corner

Greetings and welcome back to Mountain View ES for a great year of learning and discovery!

4.jpgMy name is Sara Carrillo and I am the principal here at MVES. I have been principal here since 2010.

I come most recently from Wherry ES, where I was both a teacher and later Assistant Principal. I have also worked at Emerson ES, Los Lunas, and Belen.

Mountain View is a school that continues to demonstrate academic success, despite challenges of poverty, homelessness, and learning a second language which some students face. Our kids are beating the odds, and our staff believe in each and every child who walks through our doors. We challenge each child to be the best they can be and we strive for academic excellence.


Our state has adopted new national standards, the Common Core State Standards, and we are implementing them schoolwide. The standards are more college and career based. There are also less standards and we go more in depth with them. This should lead to deeper student understanding. We are widening the materials we use to teach the standards. We are continuing to use the Treasures /Tesoros reading series and Everyday Math. We are also building a book room to add more material, both in fiction and nonfiction. Many teachers now have Prometheum boards and we are incorporating more technology into our classrooms. We are adding more nonfiction into our programs as well. It's a lot of work, but our teachers are excited about making more curriculum decisions.

Students who need extra support receive 45 minutes a day of RTI (Response to Intervention). Basically, RTI is offering students a smaller group setting to have extra practice on their skills. All classrooms are involved with RTI. Teachers use many different materials to help students understand the standards. We also use Successmaker and Waterford online computer programs to support students in reading and math..

All students who speak a language other than English receive 45 minutes a day of specialized instruction designed to help students learn the language quickly and with a depth of understanding.


Most students who speak Spanish also receive 45 minutes a day of Spanish literacy to strengthen their first language skills, which will transfer over to an easier understanding of English.

Some students are enrolled in our dual language program, where we teach the same Common Core state standards, but we teach them in English and Spanish. This is a program of accelerated learning with goals of high levels of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English and Spanish. This type of program is offered at expensive private schools where parents want their children to become bilingual for future opportunities in the workplace and society. We are pleased we can offer the same type of program for free and use our own students as models for English and Spanish. Studies show students in these types of programs outperform their single language peers once they get to middle and high school. Considering we are a 90% Hispanic school, we think this program is a great way to honor our community and our neighborhood's heritage.

A team of teachers, parents, and community members are working together this year to help design a new school. Yes, a new school, not just a few new classrooms. In a few short years we will have a state of the art, new campus, which will look great just down the street from the new National Urban Wildlife Refuge, "Valle de Oro," which is about 2 miles south of us. Speaking of Valle de Oro, we are building a partnership with the refuge to start a new tradition of connecting with the outdoors and re-teaching our children about the land.

These are just a few of the things we do here at Mountain View. Our number one priority is meeting the needs of our students. We encourage you to come by and visit to learn more.



Together we can!
Sara Carrillo