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Meeting Minutes


MEETING DATE:  September 14, 2015 Room B-5


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Refer to sign in sheet


Plan for communication to absent members:


Recorder (writes on boards or charts for group to see)- Cyndie

Minutes (writes minutes and emails them to members)- Lynnette

Time Keeper (keeps the meeting running according to agenda times)- Ashley

Chair (sets agendas and facilitates meeting)-Cyndie

Newsletter (writes a blurb for the school newsletter)- Maria










Refer to sign in sheet



Key Focus for this year

Sara and Maria will explain what the 6 keys are. Parents will choose one key to focus on through the year. Parenting skills, communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, collaborating-each parent has a sheet to look at and decide what key you would like to focus on and place a dot to which key is the main focus Volunteering was focus last year went well and is continuing this year to do things at school in classroom or take home jobs


Parents/community are invited and participating in Zumba anyone can join.


Abrienda Puetas-Maria explains what it is and when it will start


Parent asked if other schools have this model like CAT? Sara explains why we do CAT but not sure if other schools do the same or how many schools participate in it. Parents are important to the school and suggestions are important for the parents.


Parent asked about a different time to meet. Sara and Maria explained the time and why it was chosen due to this is the best time that parents had joined us.  We will have minutes for parents to receive through email or by the next meeting to know what is going on and see why they can sign up for or send information/suggestions respond to the minutes. Maria said will maybe be able to make a page on the Mt. View Website.


Volunteering was the highest one marked.  This is the key we will work on throughout the year and see how we can change it up.


Projects for parents to participate in such as making flower vases out of 2 Liter bottles



Mission statement



Why are we here? Parents put sticky notes under each question to help come up with to help to create the mission statement.

What are we going to do?  Parents put sticky notes under each question to help come up with to help to create the mission statement.


Parents would like to have after school activities on Wednesday afternoons and would like to know if they will support them  like teachers help the parents to run like a cooking class.(teachers to help them)


Maria discusses how to get a background check.


How are we going to do it?  Parents put sticky notes under each question to help come up with to help to create the mission statement.

  • WE are here to be more involved in our children’s education and be more informed about our school
  • We are going to be more involved, encourage others to get involved, participate in after school activities as well as improve communication between parents and staff
  • We are going to do this by getting more parents to get a background check
  • Parents to come to more events
  • Communicate better between teacher and parents

CAT Mission statement:




9/26 Valle Del Oro Birthday

They want us to have a booth for Mt. View arts and crafts; two different activities.  Families sign up to run booth






Reading Works for tutoring adults in English




Bus situation


Bus 20 is sometimes late.  Parents are having to follow buses.  Has happened more than once.  K & 1 are little, they are left alone and they don’t know bus numbers yet.


 Sara will talk to bus companies about being late (if no action) then Sara will call transportations.  Parents want numbers to bus company.   Busses are driving too fast,.

Kids are hanging out the windows, SAFETY ISSUES!!!!!  They gave the number to the bus company so parents can advise what their concerns are on the bus. Parents voice is more important.

Super Mamas de Mountain View


New Business









NEXT STEPS (plan for next meeting):



HELP NEEDED (from admin or others):